As we prepare for our upcoming adventure in Ireland tiny details become all consuming. Small questions like, “which gadgets do we take?” “What accessory gadgets do those gadgets require?” “How do we keep these gadgets running?” “How heavy are the gadgets?” nag.  But we are determined not to let this worry about gadgetry get in the way. We are consumed with bigger questions like– is 9 days enough time? Are we bringing enough money? And how does the Guinness taste in Ireland, as opposed to being consumed from a can in a California backyard?

All this will be settled one way or another in just a few short days. We look forward to sharing our daily adventures as we attempt our first “Blogumented” trip.

But now, we must discuss an important detail. What is that thing rattling in the Guinness can? Serendipitously, we have had enough of the beverage to wrest open a can with our bare hands (note: myself and my traveling companion, not the royal “we”) and unleash the power of Google to find out more about the mothball-sized device we find. We hope to consume the beverage sans rattling things once we get to Ireland.

I've seen the Device and it's a Widget!

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