Well, a few more days to go. But more importantly, it is the last day of garbage pickup before we leave. Important decisions have to be made: Do we throw away the perfectly fine vegetables that won’t make it past Sunday? Do we dump the last of the BBQ’ed chicken? What will we eat tomorrow if all this food is trashed? Is the food better off rotten in the fridge or in the garbage can hosting flies? These are most un-vacation-like thoughts. They also signal that perhaps we have put a little too much thought into this trip. We have had weekly Skype meetings with our travel companions complete with homework assignments and the requisite shame for not having completed them (being ashamed on Skype is doubly embarrassing!) We have bought gadgets for our gadgets and researched how better to use them. We have agonized over who is more credible about Ireland, that Steve guy or those Lonely folks. Finally, we have taken on a blog project to keep us busy on our vacation. Perhaps this is not the way to go. We shall see if we are up to the task. And you shall too.


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