Day 5–According to our various guidebooks there are several ways to see the Ring of Kerry and according to our Irish sources, not seeing it is NOT an option. So since we did not want to rent a car and do it Rick S’s way, we booked a bus tour. We knew we would sacrifice our freedom to a large degree but it seemed a small price to pay for not having to drive. In hindsight, having a car would have provided ample opportunities for the photographers among us to have satisfaction.
Unfortunately we couldn’t get no satisfaction this time around the Ring.
There’s a saying here on the island; “If you don’t see the mountains, it’s raining. And, if you can see the mountains, it’s going to rain.” How true this was during our Ring of Kerry hurried bus tour.
Photos were pretty much out of the question as the mist and fog shrouded any scenes worth capturing digitally.
Now for the bus tour itself. Imagine combining an Alaskan Cruise with a visit to Dolly World. Kitsch, 8€ Irish Coffees, souvenir shops abound, dioramas that made me think I could have gotten the same experience on Wikipedia, a forced pub grub lunch that we had to choke down in minutes so as to avoid missing the next departure. Strict schedules with road weary Americans not used to being herded like sheep. One lady even yelled from the back of the bus, “I just want to stop and take one sheep picture.” Oh, we saw the multi-dyed sheep that everyone knows from countless television travel shows. But, we couldn’t stop for a second to get a picture.
My only advice for the ring of Kerry, which is quite beautiful, is to take your own rented car and go the opposite way of all the tour buses. driving may give you high blood pressure, but at least you’ll get your damn sheep picture.

Sheep's wool is dyed so that farmer's can identify them easier. Similar to branding cattle.



Famine House


Stream at Sneem



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