Day 7 & 8–After much deliberating, we decided to stay in Dublin for the the remainder of our trip and do a few day trips from there. This decision was mainly due to the fact the Rianna had invaded Belfast for her concert and we could not execute our plan of “playing it by ear” and stumbling on cheap and quaint accommodations in Belfast. Every affordable hotel was booked up and we did not want to spend 700-1,000 euros per night. So, we took a cab to haul our crap back over to Jury’s custom house for the duration of our stay. We told our cab driver we wanted to get out of Dublin for a day and were thinking about going to Kilkenny. “He said you do NOT want to go to Kilkenny. Go to Howth, this is where we go to relax.” Then he asked if we would adopt him and broke out into a very American sounding version of “Rawhide”. We were charmed but not ready to adopt him so instead we adopted his recommendation and boarded the Luas (Our cabbie called it the Daniel Day Luas) to check out Howth.

Howth was quiet and quaint and we checked out the fish markets and the 15th century ruins of St. Mary’s Abby and then enjoyed seafood chowder and beverages at Abby Tavern. We stopped by the Bloody Stream and had a drink before returning to Dublin.

50% Off. In referring to Ireland

The Irish Rail system.

Howth Cemetery overlooking the fishing port.

Dublin Prawns

The Bloody Stream

Dublin Prawns

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