Holland Barge Trip Day 6 & 7–After our harrowing day with two Holland Bridge Encounters that ended with us stuffing our boats into Sixhaven like three ten pound sausages in five pound casings, we all agree we deserved a day off of the water and so we changed our schedule to allow for a one day rest in Amsterdam. The harbor has a ferry station and it is easy to jump on for a quick trip across the water into the city. And so for Day Six, our group split up and went to pursue their interests in the city. It was a beautiful sunny day and we found pubs, museums and photo opportunities everywhere.

Amsterdam Canal

Amsterdam Cheese Shop

Tulip Bulbs at the Bloemenmarkt

When I think of Amsterdam I think Carrots, don't you?

Captain Steve adopts a Mascot for our Flotilla

At the end of Day 6, our third barge captain, Captain Steve, found a goat figurine without a head along the path back to Sixhaven. The maimed and cast off object seemed to embody the spirit of our journey thus far, so we adopted it as our flotilla mascot. The following day, we departed Sixhaven. With our goat mascot attached as a figurehead, we hoped to placate the canal gods and avoid another Bridge Encounter.  We plunged back across the water and made our way back through Amsterdam. This time, the sun was out and the traffic was mild and we could enjoy the sights. Our little mascot, it seemed, might just bring us some luck.

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