So my mother said that if I took a pee overboard to keep one hand on the boat and one on my dick.”

“Mom! Who says that?”

On second consideration, that does seem like good advice. Thanks, Mom.

We’re officially underway, by car, towards La Paz. The route, Hwy 50 to Hwy 89 to Hwy 395. Highlights include Mono Lake, Bishop. Highlights? 40 watt really. Shat’s Bakery and Deli makes good sandwiches. Shat, really?

Ted’s jeep looks as expected after 500 miles. Baggage stuffed everywhere. Just enough leg room to only cramp from the knee down. We took a lot of stops. I stole a plastic cup from the Markleevile County Courthouse. I used their restroom. I was tired.

Kind of real fast list of the rest of the day.

  • Stagecoach Inn. Decent hotel. Bargain.
  • Gramma’s Kitchen. Dinner. Sushi Sampler. The only choice being that this is the desert.
  • Paddy O’Neil’s. Ted finally got to try Coldcock Whiskey. It tasted like rancid Fireball.

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