Herding Goats

Herding Goats

Waking up this morning was like scratching your way out of a dirt grave using only your eyelids as tools. Trying to breathe in 90% humidity is like sticking a moldy wet towel down your throat and getting kicked in the gut by an angry burro. Tequila should never have been invented. Although Clamato y Cerveza is my new favorite drink, Tequila, you are not my amigo.

Shopping in a super Mercado is like shopping at any large grocery store except they have three aisles for peppers alone, two for cans of mystery meat, and at least six for packaged sugary things. There was some lady peeling and selling large cactus leaves. That must be the secret fifth ingredient in Mexican cuisine.

We also went to a Home Depot to get a few tools for the boat. The interesting thing was that there were about a dozen Americans in the parking lot looking for day work.

It’s official I’ve discovered the secret to Mexican food. There’s only four different ingredients. They just shape it together a little different and voila you have a different dish. Have you ever heard of someone liking a taco but not a tostada? It’s not possible unless you are a shape snob. Also I wonder if at home they say, “You guys want Mexican food tonight?” Or, do they just call it food?

The boat is coming along. We’re definitely in vacation mode. Every time I ask about something we need to get done before leaving they say that we’ll do it in the morning before we leave. That list is getting huge and tomorrow may creep into Wednesday. Today is Sunday mind you.

This is what happens when you try to fill the water tank but stick the hose in the waste holding tank.

This is what happens when you try to fill the water tank but stick the hose in the waste holding tank.

This may be the last post for a while since I don’t think we’ll get innerweb access at sea. Please look forward to a gaggle of posts once we hit civilization again.

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  1. Shary says:

    Have fun! Be safe

  2. Tonja says:

    Glad to hear all is going well. Have fun be safe on your journey back.

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